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For residents of the city of Peekskill, staying active and keeping in shape is a large part of life. People around Peekskill love to venture over the river to the Bear Mountain State Park to stretch the legs and breathe fresh air. The Camp Field Reservoir is a great track to jog around if running is your sport. If residents are not out hiking or kayaking along the historic and scenic Hudson River, than they are probably engaging in a number of competitive fitness activities. Racquetball in Peekskill is very popular. Check the Peekskill Herald or the Peekskill Evening Star to find out when clubs meet and tournaments occur. Peekskill basketball is another beloved form of activity for Peekskill high school students and their parents alike. You will often see pick-up games of racquetball in Peekskill or Peekskill basketball games out on the community courts. Don't let the upstate laid-back mentality fool you--Peekskill competitors are fierce!