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Business, Retail and Industry

This expanding town on the Hudson boasts booming small business and industry. From quaint shops to first-rate commercial services, the City of Peekskill has it all. Retail home services range from vendors of cabinets in Peekskill to designers of cutlery in Peekskill. The sale of baby products in Peekskill, child clothing in Peekskill and dairy products in Peekskill are all popular, perhaps given the high degree of child nurturing that occurs in this friendly city. Carpet cleaners in Peekskill and Peekskill florists provide valuable aesthetic touches for Peekskill real estate brokers livening up a house on the market. More generally, convenient banking in Peekskill, affordable Peekskill auto sales and reliable consultants in Peekskill empower the town's residents with know-how, freedom and flexibility. Small businesses in the entertainment sector are lucrative, such as the local Peekskill Paramount Theatre, the many cozy Peekskill coffee houses and the quirky shops selling musical instruments in Peekskill. There is something to do, buy or enjoy for every visitor of Peekskill, including the curious tourists who come up the Metro-North train from the city.